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MARCH 2023

Fox Hollow Walk Activity is an event that took place in March 2023 where individuals who used to live in Fox Hollow gathered together to take a walk in the area that was once flooded. The purpose of the walk was to reconnect with their roots and visit the places where their parents and grandparents lived. Participants had the opportunity to see the old homeplaces and reminisce about the past. The Fox Hollow Walk Activity provided a unique opportunity for individuals to come together and celebrate their shared history and heritage.

“Even when nature reclaims and transforms what we once knew, we can find inspiration in revisiting our roots, celebrating our shared heritage, and capturing the beauty of the present moment.”

Eliza Causey

Fox Hollow Walk Activity can provide not only a meaningful experience for participants, but also capture important images that can help preserve memories for years to come. The fact that the area is now wooded and forested adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the images, and serves as a reminder of the power of nature to reclaim and transform spaces over time. These images can also serve as a valuable record of the area’s changing landscape and provide insight into the environmental history of the region.

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