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How to Jug fish for Catfish
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Jug Fishing in TN

How to Jug fish for Catfish

Jug fishing is a popular and effective way to catch catfish in Tennessee. It’s a simple method that involves suspending baited jugs in the water, and waiting for catfish to take the bait.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on How to Jug fish for Catfish in Tennessee:

Choose your jugs:

You can use any type of jug that will float, but many fishermen prefer to use empty milk jugs or plastic soda bottles. Make sure the jug is sturdy enough to hold your bait and withstand the current of the water.

Prepare your jugs:

Cut a length of nylon twine or fishing line, and tie it to the handle of your jug. Then, attach a hook and weight to the other end of the line. The weight should be heavy enough to keep the jug in place in the water, but not so heavy that it sinks the jug.

Bait your jugs:

The best bait for jug fishing in Tennessee is fresh cut shad, skipjack herring or bluegill. Cut the bait into chunks, and put it in a mesh bag or wrap it in pantyhose to keep it from falling off the hook.

Find a spot:

Look for areas with deep water and structure, such as drop-offs, ledges, or submerged logs. Catfish like to hide in these areas and are more likely to take your bait.

Set your jugs:

Drop your baited jugs into the water, and let them drift with the current. You can use as many jugs as you want, but it’s important to keep an eye on them and check them regularly. Most fishermen set their jugs out in the evening and retrieve them early in the morning.

Check your jugs:

Check your jugs frequently to see if you have any bites. If a jug is bobbing or moving erratically, it’s likely that a catfish has taken the bait. Reel in the jug slowly and steadily, and use a net to scoop up the catfish once it’s close enough to the surface.

Jug fishing is a fun and effective way to catch catfish in Tennessee. With a little bit of patience and practice, you’ll be able to reel in plenty of fish using this simple technique.

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